Dressed macrocarpa nz

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Dressed macrocarpa nz

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We are still open for quoting and enquiry via our Contact Us page or email, but we will not be able to fulfill any orders or complete any deliveries during this time. Please visit the covid Phone 09 Fax 09 sales cypress-sawmill. Cypress Sawmill has been supplying New Zealand with expertly milled macrocarpa timber from our mill just north of Auckland since its establishment over 45 years ago.

Along with our flagship timber, macrocarpa, we also mill and supply other timbers such as pine and eucalyptus into a variety of end products.

Dressed Macrocarpa Planter

Whether you need large quantities for construction, slabs for your kitchen benchtop, untreated garden timber supplies, wood for hobbyist projects, or anything in between, we have what you need! Cypress Sawmill has a huge range of products available for all requirements. We mill and manufacture both band-sawn macrocarpa slabs, and laminated slabs. Available in precut and custom-milled sizes, these slabs are ideal for benchtops, worktops, dining and coffee tables, as well as bartops and counters.

Our laminated slabs can be manufactured to order from multiple different grades of timber, either clear or knotted, and each comes sanded and ready for finishing. Our band-sawn macrocarpa slabs provide you with a natural, rustic product. These also come pre-sanded to a smooth surface ready for finishing.

Cypress Sawmill provides a range of products that are great for establishing your garden and landscape. Our macrocarpa and eucalyptus landscape sleepers are perfectly suited for your non-structural landscaping projects, available in a selections of different sizes, lengths, and grades. We also supply flatpacked kitsets, containing all the components cut to the exact lengths you need to construct your own untreated, environmentally friendly garden planter box or compost bin.

Treated posts and poles, suitable for house piles, building supports, retaining walls, and fencing are available in a variety of sizes and grades.

Our treated H4 pine landscape sleepers are ideal for long-lasting outdoor landscaping that require durability in ground contact, such as heavy duty retaining walls. Our macrocarpa beams are available in a variety of precut sizes, and are also available cut to order.

dressed macrocarpa nz

These beams are suitable for structural construction and support. Macrocarpa and pine timber suited for cladding and indoor use, is available cut to order in a selection of different grades.

Cypress Sawmill can mill your own logs into the timber sizes you require. We are equipped to mill large logs up to a diameter of 2.

We are licensed to mill New Zealand's indigenous, native timber, including kauri, rimu, totara, macropara, pine and more. Additionally, Cypress Sawmill is licensed by the Timber Preservation Council to treat timber, and can your own timber to an H3 or H4 retention.

If you have any questions, enquiries, or wish to get a quote, please contact us! Our timber yard is located only 20 minutes north of Auckland and is open to the public.

Macrocarpa Beams/Pergolas/Posts/Pegs

If you are unable to make it to our timber yard, we are able to deliver anywhere in New Zealand and in many cases overseas. Close image Tap here to open image in new tab. Macrocarpa Products Location Contact.

Public Open Hours Mon-Fri: 8. Click here for a map to our location. We supply both treated and untreated timber, providing wood suitable for almost any application. To see specific information on a product, please follow the links on the right. To see specific information on our timber slabs, please follow the links on the right. Laminated Slabs Macrocarpa Slabs. Additionally, we also have mulch and sawdust available and safe for use in your garden.Dressed Macrocarpa Planter.

Dressed planed macrocarpa is beautiful. It is soft to touch and the grain is brought clearly to the surface. This planter is 2m long x 1m wide x mm tall. Built using mm x 50mm macrocarpa. The frame his held together with strong counter sunk screws that have been capped off with dowel. Inside we have used angle brackets for added strength. Metal Stand Green Man Wood have not included the stand in this sale but we can build a stand if you wanted.

Do ask if you would like a price for this. The planter has a solid macrocarpa base and is completely lined with strong polythene. All edges have been rounded off to give a comfortable soft feel that helps give an upmarket feel. We have used dressing grade macrocarpa that has small tight knots with very little bark or discolouration. This will help maintain the life of the planter and hold the salmon colour for longer. Add to Cart.

Details We can build these to any size. Simply ask and we will happy give you a price for the planter of your choice. This planter has a base but you are welcome to have one built without the base and sit it straight on the ground. We can also fit a cap if you wanted to be able to sit on the planter or include wooden legs if you wanted it held at a particular height. Top of Page.We have a retail operation in Christchurch and directly import our own range of Kwila Outdoor Furniture.

We believe we have the best selection and quality currently available in New Zealand. Our range of species is comprehensive and we are always looking for additional species suitable to our customers' needs. With the recent earthquakes, we have moved into a wide range of framing and construction timbers. Our main focus is based on our customers' requirements and as the market develops or changes - we change with it, often anticipating change before it happens in real time. We take a hands-on approach to provide a fast and efficient service.

Mon - Thur 7. Our weatherboards come standard in Radiata, NZ Oregon or WR Cedar with a sawn or dressed face and can be supplied either unprimed or pre-primed. Home Products. Composite Decking. Timber Panelling. Timber Flooring. Timber Mouldings. Framing Timber. Timber Fencing.

Landscaping Timber. Polycarbonate Corrugated Roofing. American White Oak. NZ Matai.

dressed macrocarpa nz

Cedar - Western Red. Pinus Radiata. Kahikatea - White Pine. Tasmanian Oak. NZ Oregon.

dressed macrocarpa nz

Box Barrington Christchurch. Read More.Phone 09 Fax 09 sales cypress-sawmill. We are still open for quoting and enquiry via our Contact Us page or email, but we will not be able to fulfill any orders or complete any deliveries during this time. Please visit the covid Cypress Sawmill can supply a wide range of macrocarpa timber in sizes from as small as 10mm by 10mm through all the common timber sizes up to large beam sizes of x or bigger.

We have a huge stock of dry timber in racks in our dry store set up for customers to select their own timber. Our products are end-marked with length and grade making, it easy to find what you require: simply select the size, length and quantity you need with no minimum or maximum order size.

We also have limited quantities of dressed four side boards in stock, however we prefer to machine dress macrocarpa timber to order so that quality and finish doesn't down grade. Cypress Sawmill also has a large stock of green sawn macrocarpa in many sizes, which we can also machine DFS dress four sides to order for your requirements. Also if we don't have exactly what you are after in stock, we can quickly cut to order any sizes and or lengths.

Timber is sold by the linear metre. Please phone or click here to contact us with your requirements or queries. Close image Tap here to open image in new tab.

Dry Store Packets. Dry Store Lengths. Dry Store Selection. Macrocarpa Branches. Macrocarpa Trunk. Macrocarpa Tree. You may also be interested in the following pages: Macrocarpa Slabs.

Macrocarpa Beams. Tap here to open image in new tab.Phone 09 Fax 09 sales cypress-sawmill. We are still open for quoting and enquiry via our Contact Us page or email, but we will not be able to fulfill any orders or complete any deliveries during this time. Please visit the covid When specifying macrocarpa three things need to be considered:.

Grade - The quality can be one of clears, dressing, landscaping or boxing grade. Close image Tap here to open image in new tab. When specifying macrocarpa three things need to be considered: 1. Clears is a grade free from knots and defects, is available in most board sizes up to x50 although it is difficult to get in bigger sizes.

Dressing is a grade with small tight knots and minor defects and is available dry in most sizes up to x50 and in green sawn or dressed in all sizes. Is usually sold green sawn and used in structures out side. Boxing is low grade of board sizes 75x25 to x50, usually sold sawn, in small pkt lots at a low price. Dry or Green Dry means the timber has been filleted and air dried generally for a six month minimum for 25mm board sizes and longer for timber over 50mm thick, up to 15 months for x This ensures the timber has shrunk and stabilised.

It is difficult to kiln dry macrocarpa from green as it suffers from cell collapse, splitting and shrinkage around knots causing problems with dressing and machining.

Larger sizes are not dryed, it is better that they dry in place. Green means the timber has recently been milled from the log and has not been dried. Is available in all sizes and finishes, especially in the larger sizes. Sawn or Dressed Sawn means the timber has a finish showing the marks from the sawing process.

It can be a circular sawn finish or a band sawn finish. Most of our larger sizes have a band sawn finish and this can be specified if required.

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Dressed means the board has passed through a planer and now has a smooth machined finish on all four sides ready for sanding.

Timber can also be profiled or supplied with a combination of finishes. You may also be interested in the following pages: Macrocarpa Timber. Macrocarpa Beams. Tap here to open image in new tab.With more than 25 years experience, we have built a reputation of knowledge and quality. Here's where you will find a few of those answers. If this page doesn't satisfy, we are always on the end of the phone ready for the next challenge. Although some plantations were planted in early Lusitanica Mexican Cypress came in at a later date.

Macrocarpa has been used in house building around NZ since the early s. St Peters' gates in Vatican City were built with 'old world' cypress and are still there today, years later. Foresters have always recognised the heritage of cypress as a premium timber and many discerning home builders have used Macrocarpa for the last years in NZ.

While Lusitanica is lighter in colour than Macrocarpa when first processed, in a short while it is hard to distinguish between the two. Lusitanica because of its higher resistance to bush canker and better sawmilling qualities is the main plantation grown cypress, particularly in the North Island.

New Zealand grown Lawson does have quite a large sap ring compared to Macrocarpa. Tight Knot 1 - This is used for all building applications.

dressed macrocarpa nz

May include sapwood. Due to the low amount of sapwood in Mac, this is also suitable for external applications. Not code compliant for external applications. This timber meets code compliance for internal applications.

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Includes some bark encased knots and some feature knots. Clears - This is our furniture and finishing grade timber. We also can grade clears for Heart for external use.

Forestry and Wood - Northland, New Zealand

Clears means no Knots. Please enquire. Not always available. Where Macrocarpa has been recorded as lasting many years even in in-ground situations. It must be recognized that like all naturally durable timbers there is large variability in durability. Larger sections such as fence posts will last longer. MacDirect sells considerable amounts of decking from heart grade.

This is one of the areas where there is considerable variation in exposure stress.

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In the past some have used Macrocarpa deck joists; this is not recommended and is not allowed under the building code. MacDirect sells many pergolas both kitset and cut to order, for private homes and public park areas.

Some of these are in-ground posts and are at owners discretion. For more information on strength read this attached PDF of testing of Lusitanica.Garden Beds. If you are looking for premium quality Macrocarpa timber, whether it be air-dried timber, green sawn timber, slabs, sleepers or firewood. At Macrocarpa Supplies we are committed to supplying superior quality Macrocarpa to our customers throughout Canterbury. We purchase high quality Macrocarpa logs, which are cut on our Mahoe mill near Lincoln.

Mahoe mill is the latest in portable sawmill technology, which produces accurately cut timber to a smooth circular sawn finish. Kent Renall Mobile: Email: kent macrocarpasupplies. Macrocarpa Supplies Macrocarpa Supplies Limited. Macrocarpa Planter Boxes Untreated timber Strong and durable. DRY Firewood Macrocarpa starts quicker and burns hotter Gum slower and longer, keeps your fire burning through the night.

Kitsets Available cut to your sizes assemble yourself display garden bed on site. Macrocarpa Timber Accurately cut timber Smooth circular sawn finish.

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Dry Firewood Available all year round Free delivery 15km radius of Lincoln. Quality Logs High quality Macrocarpa logs. Sawmill Technology The Macrocarpa logs are cut on our Mahoe mill which is the latest in portable sawmill technology.

Drive-in sales Mon to Fri 8. Sat 8. Home Timber Firewood Garden Beds. Contact Kent Renall Mobile: Email: kent macrocarpasupplies.


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